Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Bing Places for Business

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Bing Places for Business

Why you shouldn’t ignore Bing

First and foremost: Bing is number two in the list of largest search engines in the US. So you want your website to rank on it. Why? Because it has a diverse audience. And according to available data, the search engine market share of Bing sits at 9.41%

Now, 9.41% may not sound that impressive until you consider the actual numbers:

          • 1.3 billion unique monthly global visitors to Bing.com.
          • 12 billion monthly search volume worldwide.
          • 500 million monthly search volume in the US.

Our $99 price includes optimizing and controlling indexing on Bing which involves a few key, important SEO resources:

          • Sitemaps
          • Robots.txt files
          • HTML robot commands
          • Crawlability in general


Click below to add Bing places for business setup service to cart. 

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SSL Certificates – What are they and why do you need them?

SSL Certificates – What are they and why do you need them?

What is an SSL certificate?

The SSL certificate is a digital signature that authenticates the website’s identity and enables an encrypted connection. It does this through Secure Sockets Layer, also known as SSL for short – it creates security links between your web browser (or other client) on one end, versus whatever site you’re visiting at another location in order to ensure trustworthiness before providing access or information about either party involved within those two connections.

In order to keep customer information private and secure, companies need SSL certificates on their websites. 

When you see a padlock icon next to the URL in your browser’s address bar, that means SSL protects this website. Without it, criminals would be able read or modify information being transferred between two systems – which is not something anyone wants!

How do SSL certificates work?

SSL (secure socket layer) is a technology that ensures the safety of your information by scrambling it before sending over any connections. SSL uses encryption algorithms to make sure no one can read what you’ve sent, including those pesky hackers who want nothing more than access all our private data!

The process works like this:

  1. A browser or server attempts to connect to a website (i.e., a web server) secured with SSL.
  2. The browser or server requests that the web server identifies itself.
  3. The web server sends the browser or server a copy of its SSL certificate in response.
  4. The browser or server checks to see whether it trusts the SSL certificate. If it does, it signals this to the webserver.
  5. The web server then returns a digitally signed acknowledgment to start an SSL encrypted session.
  6. Encrypted data is shared between the browser or server and the webserver.

SSL handshakes are a necessary part of the process when you want to make sure your data is being sent safely and won’t get hacked. It only takes place in milliseconds, so it’s quick!

When you visit a website with an SSL certificate, the phrase HTTPS appears in your browser’s address bar. This means that all data is encrypted for security purposes and can only be accessed by those who have access to it through this protective layer of encryption—giving reassurance to visitors who see padlock icons next time they go on any new site without one!

To view an SSL certificate’s details, you can click on the padlock symbol located within the browser bar. Details typically included within SSL certificates include:


    • The domain name that the certificate was issued for
    • Which person, organization, or device it was issued to
    • Which Certificate Authority issued it
    • The Certificate Authority’s digital signature
    • Associated subdomains
    • Issue date of the certificate
    • The expiry date of the certificate
    • The public key (the private key is not revealed)

Why you need an SSL certificate

Websites need SSL certificates to keep user data secure, verify ownership of the website, prevent attackers from creating a fake version of your site and convey trust. Sometimes websites ask users for personal information like credit card numbers or view confidential details related to health benefits or financial planning – when this is happening it’s essential that you protect their private info with an SSL certificate so they know there isn’t any danger in sharing these sensitive bits online!

An SSL certificate helps to secure information such as:

      • Login credentials
      • Credit card transactions or bank account information
      • Personally identifiable information — such as full name, address, date of birth, or telephone number
      • Legal documents and contracts
      • Medical records
      • Proprietary information

Queen Bee Media is a full-service digital marketing agency offering WordPress Web Design, Web Development, Lead Generation & Landing Pages, Email Marketing Automation, Digital Ads, Branding, Voiced Real Estate Video Tours and SEO and more. Contact us today for more info! 763-220-1389.

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Queen Bee Media helps FREE BIKES 4 KIDZ reach new heights

Queen Bee Media helps FREE BIKES 4 KIDZ reach new heights

Queen Bee Media helps FREE BIKES 4 KIDZ reach new heights.

Queen Bee Media is pleased to announce that it has partnered with FREE BIKES 4 KIDZ, A non-profit organization that provides bicycles to children in need. The partnership will help FREE BIKES 4 KIDZ reach new heights to provide more bicycles to children who need them.

Currently, they are now in 15 markets and growing and that’s where we come in. We are going to help them achieve their online digital goals of providing bikes to kids all over the country.

FB4k.org are passionate about the wellbeing of children

FREE BIKES 4 KIDZ brings communities together to sustainably furnish bikes to kids-in-need, providing a pathway to health, happiness, and opportunity.

Free Bikes 4 Kidz Impact by 2025

  • Bikes collected >>1.2M (from 110 locations)
  • Bikes given away >> 1.0M
  • Metal kept out of landfills
  • 17,000 tons (about 34 Boeing 747s)
  • Rubber kept out of landfills
  • 1,300 tons (about 6 billion rubber bands)
  • Volunteers engaged
  • 516,000 (about 10 Fortune 500 companies)
  • Volunteer hours donated
  • 2.9M (about $35M of minimum-wage labor)


Terry Esau, founder of FB4K, chats with Kelly and Ryan about the Free Bikes 4 Kidz organization.

Terry Esau, founder of FB4K, chats with Kelly and Ryan about the Free Bikes 4 Kidz organization.

By 2025 FB4K’s proven, scalable model will put a kid on a bike for less than the cost of two Starbucks Tall coffees.

Queen Bee Media is committed to helping nonprofit organizations

Queen Bee Media is committed to helping nonprofit organizations thrive and reach their goals, and this partnership is further proof of that commitment.

Thank you for considering Queen Bee Media as your digital-go-to source for all things online marketing!

To learn more about how you can become involved, visit FB4K.org

Let’s all join together to help the youth.

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Benefit from the power of video – it’s not just for entertainment anymore.

Benefit from the power of video – it’s not just for entertainment anymore.

How real estate agents can benefit from the power of video – it’s not just for entertainment anymore.

Video is one of the most powerful tools in real estate marketing that can be used to engage with buyers and potential customers on their level. If you haven’t jump onto this bandwagon, then I’m telling ya -it’s time for an upgrade!

When luxury clients meet with a high end real estate agent, they are looking for more than just service. Furthermore, they expect the best products and services available on earth to be at their disposal in order make sure that everything about their transaction goes smoothly from start-to finish. This works especially well for the Commercial Real Estate market as well.

Real Estate Video Tours are an easy way to give your listings a voice. They’re instantly sharable, highly affordable, and today’s buyers prefer them to plain photos. Real Estate Video Tours allow prospective buyers to move through your listing scene by scene, with each video tailored to show off your listing’s best features — with a voice!

We Make It Simple

Your listings needs an immersive, creative and professional real estate video tour with a professional voiceover to showcase all its features in high definition.

• Give a voice to your listing without lifting a finger

• Impress every buyer with high quality tours tailored specifically for them

• Get more views, shares and inquiries from prospective buyers via YouTube/Facebook/Vimeo/Instagram

• Promote listings in innovative ways that buyers prefer

• Stand out from your competition

We write professional scripts based on the details of your luxury property, so when customers watch your videos there will be no surprises or awkward pauses because everything has been planned out ahead of time–including music tailored solely according-to each individual client’s tastes (whether male/female). Our professional voiceover talent know what they are doing!

Our video tours help you get seen by more people, from anywhere in the world.

Our Real Estate Video Tours  are a great way to allow potential buyers the ability to “walk-through” the luxury home in the comfort of their present home. People selling homes in this class expect viewing requests from a wide range of real estate agents and buyers. In addition, they may be coming from across the state or around the world.

Your video tour gives professional prospective buyers a chance to see your luxury home or property even when they are not able to come out for a showing in person. It allows them to get an idea of what the house looks like and helps you stand out from other listings. An effective real estate video will engage viewers and give enticing details about your listing that’s hard to find elsewhere online or in print materials.

Videos get the highest engagement, but only when they are smartly-produced.

Video is quickly becoming the preferred way that buyers want to view homes for sale because it’s engaging, efficient and provides more information than any other type of marketing tactic available today.

Real estate agents should be doing everything they can to position their luxury listings as “high-end” and modern technology mixed.


Real Estate Video Tour


With the power of video, you can showcase your property to a broader audience and captivate potential buyers with an immersive experience. There is no better time than now for you to start using video in your marketing strategy! You’ve been wanting more high-end listings and we’re here to help get that done. If this sounds like something you want on board with then go ahead and check out our real estate videos tour right now. Visit our YouTube Channel.

In conclusion, what other kinds of real estate marketing do you think would be effective for real estate agents? What would make them stand out from their competition? We look forward to your comments.

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10 Awesome WordPress User Statistics

10 Awesome WordPress User Statistics

10 Awesome WordPress User Statistics

The WordPress User Statistics are in. Guess what? You’re not alone! There are over 60 million websites using the WordPress platform, and the numbers continue to grow. With statistics like that, you know you can’t go wrong with a WordPress website.

Our post will show you 10 awesome WordPress user statistics. We explain the top 10  most popular reasons why people use it for their business (big or small) or personal blog.

According to Hosting Tribunal

  • WordPress powers 39.6% of the internet in 2021, a growth of nearly 5% from 35% in 2020, and a 4% rise from the year before.

  • If you count only the CMS-built sites, then 64.1% of them are WordPress – 4% growth from 2020.

  • Over 400 million people visit WordPress sites each month.

  • In 2016, nearly 118 billion words were published on WordPress

  • But WordPress is not only for blogging – nearly 28% of all e-commerce goes through WooCommerce

  • 281 new WooCommerce shops appear on average every day

  • 661 WordPress sites also pop up daily

  • WordPress.org offers over 50,000 plugins and over 4,100 GPL-licensed themes

  • In 2018, the non-English WordPress downloads were more than the English ones

  • WordPress has been around since 2003

WordPress is, by far, the most popular content management system in the world and one of the most popular blogging platforms. These WordPress statistics prove that its popularity is driven not only by its relatively low costs and simplicity but also by factors like the wide choice of plugins and themes, availability of language packs, security, and SEO-friendliness. With such a powerful platform behind it – including over 60% market share for CMSs alone – you may be wondering how to get started with this tool?

The quickest way to do so would be through our website development service (powered by Queen Bee Media!), which offers everything from domain registration to web hosting all wrapped up into an easy-to-use interface.

If you want more information on what we offer contact us today by scheduling a free consultation or fill out our free estimate form.


10 Awesome WordPress Statistics

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