“It’s a dialogue, not a monologue, and some people don’t understand that. Social media is more like a telephone than a television”.

Amy Jo Martin
social media management

Social media is no longer something a business can just tinker with.

One of the most obvious advantages of outsourcing your social media management is the time it saves you. These extra minutes can add up, especially for small business owners who are involved in all aspects of their company.


Social Media Management

Social media is where your customers live, work and play! Queen Bee Media can save you time and staff by managing your Social Media networks.

Social Media Branding

Social Media Branding is an important part of facilitating the process of strengthening the relationship between brands and people.

Social Media Consulting

Queen Bee Media consults with you and your team and teaches which social media networks you should be utilizing and why you should use them.

Keep social media branding consistent

Your social media branding should be used across each platform in a consistent manner so as to clearly identify a page as belonging to you and to strengthen your brand’s identity.

Social Media Branding | Keep Branding Consistent
Social Media Branding | Social Media Networks Strategy

Each Network has its own strategy

Some companies post more frequently on one social network over others—it really depends on what type of customers you have. Each network has a key demographic, but it never hurts to stay active on at least the most popular social networks, which are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Determine who your target audience is

Focus on who is in your niche and offer information that those followers want and need. There are certain social media platforms that will work better for your brand depending on who your target audience is.   Knowing where your audience gathers the most – will help your brand focused on the best social networks to engage on.
Social Media Branding | Social Media Target Audience

Have questions about branding or marketing your business online?

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